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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The tech skills gap is creating a cybersecurity gap. Nearly half a million cybersecurity workers are needed in North America, and nearly 3 million worldwide. Almost a quarter of companies surveyed say they have a “significant shortage” of cybersecurity staff. According to Norton Security, it takes a U.S. company nearly 200 days […]

Secure the most sensitive workloads. Shape the future of computing. If you’re a developer, security researcher, or otherwise interested in developing apps that use confidential computing, this is your chance to make an impact in this growing field. Google Cloud, in collaboration with Intel, is hosting the Confidential Computing Challenge to generate new ideas in […]

Any team of students can benefit from a little support and recognition — whether it’s football players on the field, runners rounding the home stretch of the track, or cyber competitors working on protecting an organization from a cyber attack. The California Mayors Cyber Cup, coordinated by California Cyberhub and hosted at various regional venues, […]

Enjoying participating in the Career Strategist Workshop for 100 high school juniors today at College of the Canyons. They are learning about the new world of work, how to start creating their own opportunities, and how to positively impact the world around them with their unique passions, abilities, and experience. A fantastic group of highly engaged students led by an equally amazing group of presenters today.

The best work happens when people come together to build things that are greater than the sum of their parts. For the past two years, educators, business leaders, local and state governments and elected officials in California have been doing just that to transform cybersecurity education and create a future ethical workforce through the California […]

Originally Posted On: Twitter allowed a scammer to post a PayPal phishing scam as a promoted tweet on its social networking site. The phishing page asked visitors to login to their accounts and verify their details to win new year gifts. On 1, January 2018, a PayPal phishing scam was posted in Twitter as a […]

Originally Posted On: Learn why it’s critical to resolve trust issues and promote collaboration between your cybersecurity and network teams. One might expect people on different teams of a company’s IT department to be on the same page and have a certain amount of work-related trust for each other. It seems that neither “being on […]

Originally Posted On: Hack attacks are evolving all the time, but 2019 will be a breakout year for a number of new and emerging attacks. While many businesses today still struggle with run-of-the-mill threats like phishing and un-patched software, they need to brace themselves for a wave of sophisticated hacks which will rely on new […]

Originally Posted On: How many times have you endured a dry-as-dust PowerPoint presentation or clicked through a tired e-learning course only to realize, despite hours of ‘teaching,’ you remember virtually nothing? It’s easy to blame yourself when this happens; you may feel guilty or even harbor doubts about your ability to retain knowledge. Don’t. There’s […]

Kaspersky Lab’s found evidence that a small spyware government contractor sells iOS malware, showing it may not be as rare as some people think. Originally Posted on: Thanks to a combination of tight controls and innovative security features, Apple has made the iPhone perhaps the most secure consumer device in the world. But nothing is […]

Originally Posted On: Experts predict companies will continue to hire cybersecurity, AI, and developer roles throughout the year. The tech jobs landscape of 2019 will likely look largely the same as it did in 2018, with roles in software development, cybersecurity, and data science dominating across industries. “Emerging technologies will be key catalysts for […]

Originally Posted On: We tend to compartmentalize our understanding of the world into “subjects.” From a very young age, we are misled to believe that science is separate from art, which is separate from history, which is separate from economics, and so on. However, a true understanding of the world and our place in it […]

Originally Posted On: Called BleedingBit, this vulnerability impacts wireless networks used in a large percentage of enterprise companies. UPDATE Two zero-day vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Low-Energy chips made by Texas Instruments (and used in millions of wireless access points) open corporate networks to crippling stealth attacks. Adversaries can exploit the bugs by simply being approximately 100 […]

Originally Posted On: The explosion of data in consumer and business spaces can place our productivity at risk. There are ways you can resist drowning in data. The pace of data creation steadily increases as technology becomes more and more ingrained in people’s lives and continues to evolve. According to last May, “there are […]

Originally Posted On: Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Development all help improve software delivery speed. However, as more applications and software development tools include AI, might software developers be trading trust and safety for speed? The software delivery cadence has continued to accelerate with the rise of Agile, DevOps and continuous processes including Continuous […]

Originally Posted On: Background On October 18, 2018, 360 Threat Intelligence Center captured for the first time an example of an attack using the Excel 4.0 macro to spread the Imminent Monitor remote control Trojan. Only 10 days after the security researchers of Outflank, a foreign security vendor, publicly used Excel 4.0 macros to execute […]