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Allen Stubblefield didn’t know it at the time, but cyber competitions helped fill an unmet need at Troy High School. As a magnet school for science and technology, he thought cybersecurity would be a good fit, but is as surprised as anyone that the school now hosted 60 teams this year and several CyberPatriot national championships.   Stubblefield holds […]

  No matter how sophisticated technology becomes, solving problems related to cybersecurity will require a human innovation and connection. These themes run throughout Stan Stahl’s work in the public and private sectors and fuel his passion for cybersecurity education.   Stahl is the founder and president of SecureTheVillage, a non-profit that turns people and organizations into CyberGuardians having the knowledge, […]

Christian was only 5-years old when his father passed away, but he remembers it like yesterday. He still feels distraught unless he stays focused on his new life, that of a college student. As a young boy, his mother worked two jobs just trying to make ends meet. She would try to come home and […]

If you have ever moved cross country in the United States, especially from someplace like Alabama to New Jersey, you know it can be a challenge. The kids in school sound “funny” and you just struggle to try and find a friend. If you are lucky and patient, you might be successful. Now imagine if […]

Blake’s family was like many in the city. A family solely dependent on welfare and whatever they could get from the state and federal government to put food on the table. Local church groups and other services provided life-support for his parents, and siblings. Life was not easy for Blake or his family. He was […]

The old saying “it takes a village” definitely applies to cybersecurity education. There are a lot of teachers, coaches, and institutions involved at every step of the educational pathway, which can lead to a lot of silos and unknowing duplication of effort.  At a time when the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals has never been […]

President Trump announced earlier this year that the moon is the next frontier for U.S. military operations. That means the technologies used to keep cyberspace secure now need to extend to the new cyber frontier in outer space.   High school students across California and other states are stepping up to the challenge by participating in […]

The Girl Scouts program has long prepared young women to be leaders in any field. Cybersecurity is no exception. More than 50 girls from throughout Inland Empire expanded their cyber skills at the Junior Girl Scout Cyber Camp, held November 2 at Moreno Valley College. Booz Allen Hamilton sponsored the event, which was a partnership […]

Shawn Monsen never imagined that getting laid off from HP in 2007 would turn out to be one of the best things that happened in his career. He made a career change into teaching and found what he describes as his true calling. Over the past decade, Monsen has become an inspiring teacher and a […]

It’s impossible to miss the energy and passion that Brent Wedge brings to cybersecurity education. Over the past two years, he’s built a program from scratch and created a network of teachers and coaches who are ready to take the program to the next level.  Wedge is the coordinator of the cybersecurity program at Modesto […]

As cybersecurity education has grown in California, a new generation of cyber heroes is emerging from the pathways, competitions, and coaching that happens every day across the state. Brandon Nguyen is undoubtedly part of that group and has already had an impact on his school and his community. Nguyen recently graduated from Oxford Academy in […]

It’s one thing to practice cybersecurity in the classroom or a competition setting, but it’s something else entirely to do it in a real-world setting — especially in another country. Four California high school students had the opportunity to do just that this summer when they participated in the Future Cybersecurity Leaders Exchange, funded by […]

If you ask anyone in California’s cybersecurity education community who has made an impact on students and the industry as a whole, “Coach Paul” is likely to be one of the first answers.   Not only does Paul Johnson coach some of the best cyber teams in the world, but he is also a tireless advocate […]

Cyber-Guild, a synEDTM, program deepens community engagement   Thousand Oaks, CA – 30 July 2019 – To promote cyber security skills, knowledge, and engagement of entire communities Cyber-Guild, a pillar program of synED, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is excited to announce the Golden Ticket prize for high school cyber teams. Ten winning cyber teams will […]

What started as a need to fulfill a STEM requirement has grown into one of California’s signature cybersecurity education programs, thanks in part to Carey Peck’s hard work and dedication to the program and its students. Peck is a consultant to Dr. Sandra Cano, who manages the CyberPatriot program at Beyond the Bell, a program […]

California Cyberhub moves under Cyber-Guild™ Umbrella   Thousand Oaks, CA – 15 July 2019 – In line with requests from both other states across the nation and international audiences, synED, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is pleased to announce the reorganization of their pillar program for Cybersecurity Awareness. California Cyberhub will become a component of a parent […]