David Cumbow

Position: Systems Engineering Manager at Palo Alto Networks
David Cumbow is a Systems Engineering Manager with Palo Alto Networks. Prior to his position there, David spent thirteen years in the public sector working for the third-largest K-12 school district in Riverside County. Having worked jobs from Database Administration to Virtualization, David found a passion for Networking and Security. With nine years in the Security field, David has led many K-12 Districts throughout California to a better security posture through his guidance and peer-to-peer consulting. In his current role, David is able to provide his knowledge and guidance to his team and directly to State Government, Local Government, and Education customers throughout the Southwestern US. As a leader in the Security market, Palo Alto Networks can provide the tools needed to improve an organization’s security posture with limited manpower and limited budget. David has implemented these tools to improve his previous organizations’ security posture and has helped many organizations do the same.

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