Windows 7 Beginner VM Image

Windows 7 Beginner VM Image

Second Image from SCA Series; Windows 7

This image is the second image in the “Summer Career Academy” training series that was held at SoCalCCCC’s Cypress College in 2015. This image has been set for a beginner to intermediate, adding more areas for students to analyze and correct. This image, as the first and the following images can also be used as a set for a team that wants to practice their Windows skills.

The image is in a zipped file; please extract the complete contents of the zipped file before running the image on VMware Workstation Player. There is no password to extract the contents. Students should log in as “SCA;” there is a readme text file and a scoring engine shortcut on the desktop.

Answers to image:

  • Remove scheduled task
  • 3 MP3 files removed (C:userspublicpublic musicsample music)
  • Remote Desktop set to Don’t Allow
  • Remove bad jpeg files (desktopbadstuff.jpeg; c:notavirus.jpeg)
  • Turn the Firewall on
  • Add Deny rules for ports 21,22, 23, 25, 110, 161, 3389 on firewall
  • Set Windows Updates to Automatic
  • Stop share appPatch$
  • Uninstall Firefox 20, WinSCP, Teamviewer 10
  • User Henry: change password (Cyb3rPatri0t!), password does expire, account disabled
  • User Staff: Password (Cyb3rPatri0t!), user cannot change password, password never expires, account not disabled
  • User allison/george/user/me: Password (Cyb3rPatri0t!), user cannot change password, password never expires, account disabled

Group Associations:

Administrators: Admin

Users: Allison, Henry, George, User

Guests: me


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