Windows 10 Practice Image – Elk Grove

Windows 10 Practice Image – Elk Grove

Windows 10 Practice Image Guide

Download Windows 10 Practice Image – Elk Grove


The purpose of this document is to provide information about the Cyberhub Windows 10 image so that coaches and mentors may better help teams that are in need of assistance. Also, this can serve as an outline of some potential items that may be seen during CyberPatriot competitions. This image has 33 possible points with the scoring summary shown below.

Special Instructions:

  • Extraction Password: None
  • Primary Account: UID: Sparky PWD: Peanuts.

Scoring Key:

Local Policy – Security Options
1Accounts: Guest account statusDisabled
2Devices: Prevent users from installing printer driversEnabled
3Devices: Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user onlyEnabled
4Interactive logon: Do not display last user nameEnabled
Account Policies – Account Lockout Policy
5Account lockout thresholdAny value from 3 to 10
Account Policies – Password Policy
6Enforce password historyAny value from 3 to 20
7Minimum password ageAny value from 3 to 10
8Minimum password lengthAny value from 5 to 14
9Password must meet complexity requirementsEnabled
Installed Programs
10Core FTP ServerUninstall Core FTP Server
11MediaMonkey 4.1Uninstall MediaMonkey 4.1
12AdministratorAccount is disabled:True
13Charlie BrownPassword never expires:False
14GuestAccount is disabled:True
15LinusUser must change password
16LucyUser must change password
17MarcieAccount is disabled:True
18Peppermint PattyUser must change password
19Peppermint PattyAccount is disabled:False
20Red BaronAccount is disabled:True
21SchroederAccount is disabled:False
22SnoopyUser must change password
Peppermint Patty
24UsersStop sharing C:Users
Firewall Profiles
25Private ProfileFirewall State: On
26Public ProfileFirewall State: On
27IP HelperStopped – Disabled
28Microsoft FTP ServiceStopped – Disabled
29Remote Desktop ServicesRunning – Automatic
30RIP ListenerStopped – Disabled
31SNMP ServiceStopped – Disabled
32Windows Event LogRunning – Automatic
33Remote DesktopAllow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)


Contributed by: Skip Brewer – Elk Grove School District & CyberPatriot Coach Monterey Trail High School

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