Why Join A Team?

The attached flyer and information below gives reasons for joining a team.

Future Job: California has over 36,000 open jobs in cyber security today and this number is expected to grow 3x by 2021. Joining a cyber team teaches you valuable skills for a cyber career pathway and future job. Our nation needs ethical, skilled cyber warriors.

Soft Skills: Cyber competitions teach valuable skills employers want and successful people have: teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, public speaking and more.

Fun: Competitions are fun! Being part of a team where you work together, grow together and learn to compete together is fun and rewarding. 

Resume Builder: Participating in extracurricular activities helps build your resume and college application.

Qualifications: Must be a middle or high school student. No prior experience is required. Individuals who are creative and curious, have a strong sense of ethics and who are passionate about technology make excellent cyber warriors.

Why Join a Cyber Team Flyer

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