Troy Cyber Training

We understand that distance and hybrid learning  is causing many issues for your cyber team practices and competition preparation. Feel free to share with other coaches as a taste of the training materials we are offering each week.  

Access fees are: $50/team or $200/school or $50/Title 1 school gives you weekly access to this beginner materials; the same ones being used by Troy Cyber this year. 

Following is a sample of what we are providing

We have uploaded our slides and Cisco pka files onto our file server. You can access them by logging into with the following credentials: 

   Login - basic-downloaders 

   Password -  [email protected]%W#sr;Q8r&  

1. You should see a screen that looks like the following: 

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

2. The Aug 31 folder and the Sep 7folder each have folders for Windows, Linux and Cisco. Open the folder for the system you are specializing for. Copy the folder contents to your computer to use for practice. 

3. Chromebook and Tabletusers. You should download these files as well to follow along during practice. 

The links for the Windows and Linux virtual machines will be sent separately.