TCO Information/Flyer

TCO Information/Flyer

While Community College CyberHub participation and investment may vary, this is intended to be used as a guide for support teams that are getting started. Community colleges can use this guide to allocate funding for anticipated costs associated with serving as a hub of support for CyberPatriot and other Cybersecurity competition activities when forming a collaborative community with local area high schools.

Annual Estimated Total Cost of Opertation


AFA CyberPatriot

Community College

Cyber Education Outreach

CyberPatriot Headquarters provide templates, outreach brochures, web links, presentation materials, and promotional materials

Printing Publications       $150.00

CyberPatriot Mentors (Paid)

Complete mentor application required by CyberPatriot

 CC Students/Mentors to HS CP
@ $11.00 Hr. x 50 Hrs.

2 @ $550.00

Campus Cyber Day (Quarterly)

Promotional Materials/Logo

4 @ $300.00

Host CyberCamp *
(Summer/1 Week)

AFA Cyber Patriot Camp Fee
Camp T-Shirts (40 Participants)
Materials & Curriculum
*Fees offset by DSN Grant

CC Facility Usage:  $500.00
Snacks:  $250.00
Instructor:  $500.00

Regional Advisory (Annually)

Promotional & Educational Materials

Host Dinner:  $550.00

Research & Innovation

AFA Research Access

Investment of Time

Business Partnerships  & Business Presentations

FREE Support Materials




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