Step 8 – What Do I Teach? Where is the Curriculum?

Thank you for completing the Orientation/Development Steps.  We hope you found them helpful, and we always welcome feedback. Coaches throughout various regions is California often ask a very logical question, “What do I teach the teams, and where can I find curriculum and/or resources”.  As part of the Solutions and Support Portal, we included two sections to assist you:
Education Resources > Curriculum > AFA CyberPatriot (CP) Modules:  Excellent starting point for community teams, middle school and high school teams.
CP Archived Training Modules
Team Resources > High School Resources:  A plethora of team resources and curriculum materials to help your team members build their IT Cyber knowledge.
Education Resources > Curriculum > C5 Cyber Curriculum Modules: Excellent resource for educators providing ICT/Cyber or AP Computer Science courses.  This is the approved national curriculum for community colleges, and list national standards, AP Computer Science Standards, provides full lesson, and instructor PowerPoint presentations. Developed with a P.O.G.I.L. (Process Oriented Guided Instructional Learning) design, you will find rich interactive lesson, student facilitated group projects.
C5 Cyber Modules

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