Step 6: IT Specifications Planning

To ensure a fun experience for both you and the students, it is a good idea to have a planning meeting with your site Information Technology (IT) Network Technicians.  CyberPatriot continually updates the IT Specifications each year to help teams best prepare.  Additionally, California Cyberhub IT Advisor, Brandon Oertel, has provided an information document to assist you and your IT Tech.

The goal of CyberPatriot is to have as many teams as possible take part in the competition. Understanding that some schools and organizations do not have as much access to equipment as others, CyberPatriot has kept technical specifications to a minimum.  In every round except the National Finals competition, teams can participate from any location. Many teams participate at their school, their organizational headquarters, or a library.

Additionally, many of our California Community Colleges are partnering with area high schools to serve as a competition host sites.

Technical Specifications


Please see the two documents below for IT Instructions and an IT Checklist.


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