Step 4: Register Teams

Once verified AND approved, you will receive a confirmation email and the dashboard options will be updated, giving you the ability to register team members, view invoices, pay registration fees, or request fee waivers.

CyberPatriot teams consist of six players (5 + Alternate). Each coach is permitted to register up to five (5) teams under their name.  If your school has additional teams wishing to participate, they must be registered under another staff member, who must also complete the CyberPatriot Volunteer Registration process.  (Step #2)

What you will need:

– Register Competitor: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, T-shirt Size required

IMPORTANT:  Competitors names can be added later (by September 30th), to give you time to coordinate teams.
    Changes can not be made after November 1

– Request Waiver: Fee waivers can be requested for Title 1 schools and all-girls teams

– Pay By Credit Card: Payment made through PayPal.

– CP also accept POs, checks, and over-the-phone credit card payments

– View Invoice PDF: Should you need to provide a copy to your organization’s book keeper.

Guide: Team Registration Instructions

Steps 1-3 of 7:  The full guide provides informative visual tools to aide in completing the registration process.


Team Registration – Line Item 5