ICT Competency Standards for Teachers

ICT Competency Standards for Teachers


In general, this set of competencies aims to prepare teachers to become users of various ICTs to help both the students and themselves benefit from the technology.The prime benefits are: 

1) access to information and knowledge resources 

2) communication and knowledge sharing 

3) work efficiency 

Some of these competencies are expected to be acquired during the pre-service training while the rest are long-term competencies that teachers will have to acquire in-service.The NICS-Teachers is based on a broad comparative research on current industry practices in other countries, and was developed in consultation with various government and private agencies, institutions, and stakeholders. Knowledge and skills in competency areas are presented generally with specifics on essential areas of learning, but avoids reference to specific vendors, versions or equipment. Thus,it allows flexibility in the adoption of the standard while preserving the general requirements for competence


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