Facebook Capture the Flag Image

Facebook Capture the Flag Image

Facebook Capture the Flag

Download FBCTF Image and Files


The purpose of this document is to provide information about the Facebook Capture the Flag image so that coaches and mentors may better help teams that are in need of assistance. Also, this can serve as an outline of some potential items that may be seen during CyberPatriot competitions.


Facebook has created a wonderful Capture The Flag Platform. The idea is to create quiz questions related to CyberSecurity/IoT/Technology/Web Based systems. This image has 114 questions already to go created by students and coaches. You may modify the questions to your liking. Once running, students compete and answer the questions in teams.

#1 Download and unpack the Zip:fbctf_cp.zip

#2 Open VM Player 12 and choose second choice open a virtual machine

#3 navigate to the unpacked folder fbctf_cp and choose the vmx file and click open.

#4 You will be asked to take ownership say yes and take ownership

#5 Next always choose “I copied it” OK to keyboard hook timeout, OK to removable devices

#6 OK to Download and Install VM ware tools or Remind me later it will still work

#7 When the image is done booting up it in the VM Player it says “Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS ubuntufbctf tty1”
It will ask for username and password:

Ubuntu the VM player login and Usernames and passwords:

  • username:fbctf password:123
  • username:root password:123 

Next find out what the Ip address is so you can point students to that IP address.

  • To List and find the current IP of the FBCTF: ifconfig (to see what the Ip address is) this is where the students and you the admin go to play the game.
  • You may have to change the IP Address.
  • To change the IP address of the Host:
  • cd fbctf (to be in the directory of the file)
  • ifconfig (to see what the Ip address is)
  • sudo nano VagrantFile (the file to edit)
  • Once the file is opened, change the ip address to the current address on the vm
  • Exit with Control+X to save and quit 

#8 Login to the fbctf: admin123

To power off the VM, type “sudo poweroff”

#9 Starting the Game

To turn on the game (when you are ready), there is a “Start Game” Button on the lower left of the admin screen. To create questions, go to the “quiz” section and create a new question. You can set the title to whatever you’d like, put the question and answer in the appropriate boxes, choose to put a hint and any points they would lose for requesting the hint, then choose the total points for getting the question right. When you save the question, you have the choice to adjust the bonus points (these are points given only to the first team that answers a question right).



Video on what it looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4puv–mREiQ


FBCTF Installation Guide: https://github.com/facebook/fbctf/wiki/Installation-Guide,-Production


Contributed by: Irvin Lemus and Henry Danielson

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