CyberPatriot Training Modules

Are you unsure of how to start training for CyberPatriot? Then this page is for you! These training modules provide a good foundation for the challenges teams will find in each of their virtual machine images, but they are not all-inclusive. After examining these modules, teams may dig further into each of the topics using the other links on the menu to the left. It is highly recommended that teams use the expertise of their Mentors to increase their knowledge and have greater success in the competition.

Full access to 9 Unites of Archived Training Modules:

ARCHIVED TRAINING MODULES NOTE: These training materials have been archived from past CyberPatriot seasons. Coaches, Mentors, and Team Assistants registered for CyberPatriot can access the most recent training materials by logging into their accounts and viewing the their Dashboards.

Sample Module:

  • Unit 0: Cyber Ethics – This module outlines the fundamentals of ethical behavior in the real world and online. It also comes with instructor notes .  Topics include:
    • Important definitions
    • Ethical behavior
    • Ethics and cybersecurity
    • Ethics applications




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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents


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