Cyber Curriculum Modules

Cyber Curriculum Modules

NCyTE Center is focused on building a comprehensive network of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies dedicated to developing and maintaining a robust cybersecurity workforce. NCyTE Center is committed to providing a forum for improving the quality and increasing awareness of cybersecurity issues in educational and industrial communities throughout its region.

Cybersecurity-infused Computer Science Modules

Explore all seven C5 cybersecurity modules created to integrate cybersecurity into computer science courses | 7 Modules

All 7 C5 Modules
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Explore all seven C5 cybersecurity-infused modules created to integrate cybersecurity into AP and college computer science courses. The modules have been designed to align with various portions of three prominent curricular frameworks: the College Board AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course, the NSA CAE/2Y Knowledge Units, and the ACM Computer Science Curricular Guidelines. In addition, these modules were designed to assist community colleges in meeting the curriculum requirements for achieving the NSA/DHS designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense—Two-Year Education (CAE2Y).

Catalyzing Computing and Cybersecurity in Community Colleges (C5) is a related grant project based at Whatcom Community College. One of the goals of the C5 project is to develop and disseminate instructional materials to enhance computer science and cybersecurity courses.

All seven modules have been pilot-tested at community colleges around the country (including at many NCYTE member colleges).

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