CPXI-Ubuntu 14.04 Image

CPXI-Ubuntu 14.04 Image

CPXI-UB14 Practice Image

Download CPXI-Ubuntu 14.04 IMAGE

  This is an Ubuntu 14.04 image with scoring image. The total points possible is 100 points. The primary account (newt) is set to login automatically, and the password is “Abracadabra”.  
Vulnerabilities Points
User credence has been deleted. 3
User gellert has been deleted. 3
User theseus has been added 3
User jacob has been given a password. 3
queenie removed from Admin group. 3
Guest account disabled. 4
Root account disabled. 4
Max Password age is at most90. 3
Max Login Tries is at most 5. 3
Password History is at least 3. 4
Password Length is at least 8. 4
Program openssh-server installed. 4
Program john uninstalled. 4
Program samba uninstalled. 4
Program vsftpd uninstalled. 4
File /home/gellert/Documents/passwords.txt deleted. 5
File /home/jacob/Documents/payroll.xlsx deleted. 5
Backdoor nc removed. 5
google removed from hosts file. 5
Cron job in root disabled. 5
Firewall enabled. 3
Forensics Question 1 correct. 7
Forensics Question 2 correct. 7
Updates set to check every 1 day(s). 5
  Submitted by Skip Brewer, 11-13-2018

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