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As national security remains a top priority, organizations across the public and private sectors are hiring thousands of cybersecurity professionals to protect networks and information systems. There is a fundamental supply and demand problem in the job market, and the need for knowledgeable, skilled workers in this field has never been greater.

CyberHub equips California Community Colleges (CC’s) and California State Universities (CSU’s) with the resources they need to offer robust cybersecurity-related learning opportunities in collaboration with their local K-12 schools, in communities throughout California. Strong partnerships between high schools and California’s higher academic intuitions are necessary to ensure that students are firmly grounded in pathways that will lead to in-demand jobs and rewarding careers.  Ultimately benefiting California economic development and stability.

The goal of this manual is to provide colleges with helpful tools and resources related to offering these programs. Additional course materials, resources, and networking contacts are available on the CyberHub website (

Total Cost of Operation

There are several levels of participation available for CyberHub activities, ranging from $550 to more than $9,000 annually. Participation in the CyberHub Operation offers diverse investments wherein Community Colleges and CSU’s have the opportunity to customize these suited to their criterion and levels of support. Costs can also be shared among multiple high schools that are collaborating to host a cybersecurity event for their students.

The minimum amount required to participate in CyberHub is $550 annually. This allows for basic investment in the project’s materials, presenters, and other support structures (Level 1). Additional participation options are as follows:

Level 1 (Basic): Includes hosting a campus Cyber Day, educational outreach, and advisory participation.

Cost: $550

Level 2 (Introductory): Includes two campus Cyber Days, cyber mentors, and educational outreach.

Cost: $1400

Level 3 (Concentration): Includes two Cyber Days and a weeklong half-day summer camp, cyber mentors, educational outreach, and advisory participation.

Cost: $5,240

Level 4 (Capstone): Includes four Cyber Days and options for one or two-week summer camps, cyber mentors, educational outreach, and hosting the business advisory.

Cost: $6140 (one week of camp) or $9130 (two weeks of camp)


Financial Investment

Time Investment

Campus Cyber Day


9 Hours: Marketing, registration, hosting

Educational Outreach


8 Hours: Collaboration & Marketing to area high schools

Advisory Participation


3 Hours: Securing Business Partners & Attending



20 Hours













Example of Level 1 Scope:


Grant funding to support CyberHub activities available via partnerships with Deputy Sector Navigators through the Doing What Matters Strong Workforce program. Businesses in your area that offer careers in IT-related fields may also contribute funding as a way to generate interest among future job applicants. Business partners serve as a vital component in the CyberHub ensuring updated industry-related data and by providing internships to both high school and community college students to accompany their academic career pathway endeavors.



  • Once you have secured the funding and are ready to plan an event, please allow 1-3 months for coordination and approvals within the school district. Some of the items you’ll need to consider are:
  • School districts must approve an event request at multiple levels, including administration, facilities, and custodial staff.
  • Consider what other events might be happening at the school at that time. For example, you do not want to schedule a CyberPatriot security competition or event at the same time as a major sporting event, social, or during academic testing.
  • High school administrators are required to attend every event that happens at their respective school sites. If they are already committed to other events in the same timeframe as your request, it is not likely to be approved.
  • Any grant request above $500 must be approved by school administrators, district administrators, and the school board.
  • Your college must be registered as an approved vendor in order to provide services to the school and to receive grant funding from your area Deputy Sector Navigator.
  • The CyberHub networking team will support you in these efforts to ensure successful planning and implementation, vital to building your network relationship with area high schools, businesses and civic leaders.

Building Your Network

CyberHub is a collaborative environment designed to foster relationships and learning opportunities between California Community Colleges, California State Universities, area high schools, civic leaders, and local business communities. CyberHub serves as the catalyst for bringing all these entities together towards a common goal – educating and securing the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals throughout California.

While businesses might not see an immediate return on their investment in CyberHub, you can assure them that the foundational skills students build as part of workshops and summer camps will pay rewarding dividends as those students progress along the Information Technology Pathway through college and enter the workforce.

Funding and participating in CyberHub activities is an investment in the future of California’s cybersecurity workforce. A little investment now could save a business time and money down the road by broadening the pool of qualified applicants for IT and cybersecurity-related positions.



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