AB 1306 – Develop a Cyber-Security Strategy for California

AB 1306 – Develop a Cyber-Security Strategy for California

AB 1306, as amended, Obernolte. California Cybersecurity Integration Center.Existing law authorizes the Governor to make, amend, and rescind orders and regulations to implement the California Emergency Services Act.


The act requires the Governor to coordinate the State Emergency Plan and those programs necessary for the mitigation of the effects of an emergency in this state. The act creates within the office of the Governor the Office of Emergency Services, which is responsible for the state’s emergency and disaster response services, as specified.By Executive order in 2015, the Governor directed the Office of Emergency Services to establish and lead the California Cybersecurity Integration Center, Center (Cal-CSIC), with its primary mission to reduce the likelihood and severity of cyber incidents that could damage California’s economy, its critical infrastructure, or public and private sector computer networks in the state.

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