SynED’s Cyber-Guild is a confluence where technology and innovation coalesce to enhance learning in both formal and informal career and personal development. 

Raison d'être

As we watch the rapidly changing landscape of work, education and society in general we are focusing on now to figure out what to do today. While we feel technology has a lot to offer it must be aligned with the human response and how it is impacting our learning activities and our lives. We are keenly interested in how human behavior is evolving. 

To many, the world seems untrustworthy and they don’t know what to pay attention to. It is impossible to consume all the information out there to try to figure out what is real. Instead of attempting to digest and make sense of the ever-increasing stream of media, we devote more time to trying to understand people. What motivates them to believe something, what gets them to act, what engages them?  

Rather than search for a needle in a haystack, we gather ‘hay’ (ideas and stories) then use it to locate and define a ‘needle’ (a trend).  

Reading the same media that reinforces what you already think over and over is easy, but gathering valuable information is done by looking for it in places you would not normally look. That means reading and listening to those working across a broad array of demographics, philosophies and disciplines. Once you look across a wide variety of channels and landscapes, common themes emerge. We try to group themes together and elevate them into bigger ideas; that is where non-obvious trends form. A non-obvious trend is a pattern derived from observing the accelerating present. 

We are in a time where the present is accelerating faster than ever before. However, we are realizing how crucial and irreplaceable our human connections are. Empathy (in businesslearning or simply with our families and friends) is most likely to provide value to people as they learn and grow. We must find ways to bring human empathy into learning technology and learning systems.  

We don’t know what’s coming next, but we know that people who can adapt best are non-obvious thinkers who pay attention to what’s happening and try to continue to change. 

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