Troy High School is Offering IT All!

Troy High School is proud to host our 6th summer of cybersecurity camps. We have 5 “flavors” of camps: 

  1. Advanced (Troy HS only) 
  1. Intermediate (open to students going into grades 7-12 next year with one year of CyberPatriot experience) 
  1. Beginner (grades 6-12, NO EXPERIENCE required) 
  1. Elementary (grades 4-5. NO EXPERIENCE required) 
  1. Elementary (grades K-3.  NO EXPERIENCE required) 

This is likely the only Kindergarten cyber camp in the US. We have offered 1st grade cyber camps for the past 2 years, so we are confident that we have something worthwhile to offer these 5 year olds before they start school. 

Our camps are the 3rd and 4th weeks of June. June 14-18 is set up for in person at Troy HS in Fullerton, with June 21-25 being the same camps but offered virtually. If COVID-19 continues to be a problem, all of our camps will switch to virtual. Our camps in 2020 were all virtual, so we have some experience with online camps. 

Our instructors are all Troy HS students with experience in competing in CyberPatriot and former cyber campers themselves. Some of these instructors have also competed at the CyberPatriot nationals.  

We will offer a female-only beginner camp both weeks which will feature our top female instructors who will create a “safe space” for new students to learn cyber and give them a positive first experience with cybersecurity. 

Registration is now open for all of our camps. Please visit my school website at and click on Cyber Camps at the top of the page for camp details and registration links. 

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