Regional California Mayor Cyber Competition Cup Are Back!

Thanks for the foresight and dedication to their communities, at least two regions in the state of California are holding virtual cyber competitions for their local middle school, high school, and community college students! 

The rockin’ Inland Empire/Desert region who seems to be on the cusp of everything technology oriented will host their competition on Saturday, March 13th. The exciting event will kick-off on the 8th of March with a week-long Cyber Career Awareness Week with [email protected] presentations from students, industry leaders, educators and a few government officials! Friday the 12th attendees are in for a special treat, a representative from the department of technology in our state’s capitol will share a few sage words. They will be followed by the principal security strategist for VMWare | CarbonBlack, Rick McElroy who will set the stage and introduce, the former FBI agent that found the Russian mole inside of the agency – the acclaimed Eric O’Neill. Mr. O’Neill, now the global strategist for VMWare | CarbonBlack, an acclaimed author and private security consultant will share his journey and pathway to becoming one of the leading cyber professionals today.   

Students interested in participating should check out the Website for particulars on how to join in the fun! The last day to register a team is on the 10th of March. Fees are $210 per team or $35.00 per student. Full Team scholarships are available. For information, visit the website.  

Individuals and organizations wishing to engage and support the competition may contact Avi Nair at [email protected] or Chrissy Ybarra at [email protected] 

Following closely will be a joint offering from the Far North and Sacramento. They will be known as the NorCal – CMCC. The NorCal group will provide a month long lead-up to their competition which will take place on Saturday, April 17th. Each week on Wednesday, beginning on March 24th through April 14th, from 5 pm – 6 pm the students, community leaders and industry representatives will share why it is important for students to participate and ways grow through other opportunities that exist like summer camps. On the 17th of March at 5 pm The NorCal team will host an hour long session that will walk students through the competition and what they can expect. Industry representatives and individual who would like to help support the future cyber defenders from NorCal, are encouraged to contact Wendy Porter – [email protected], or Teana Fredeen at [email protected] 

Students from across NorCal are encouraged to participate. You do not need to have any experience and you will have fun! The last day for NorCal students to register to participate in the NorCal CMCC is Saturday, April 10th. Fees for entrance are: $200 per team or $35.00 per student. Scholarships are available. Visit the website for details. 

In all instances teams must have a minimum of 2 players with a maximum of 6 players. There can be an unlimited number of teams per school. The competition will be utilizing the globally renown National Cyber League platform. Participating students will receive their individual “scouting report” which shows areas needing improvement and areas of strength. 

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