Healthy Player ONE Makes Esports Safe and Inclusive


For all the positives that cyber competitions and other esports bring to students and schools, there are some drawbacks that educators are sometimes unsure of how to address. 

Elliott Levine of Healthy Player ONE calls these the “800-pound gorillas in the room.” The company has launched a new initiative aimed at tackling online bullying and creating a more positive, inclusive environment for all esports players, as well as mitigating and preventing physical injuries that may result as a result of esports participation. 

2019 Anti-Defamation League survey found that 65 percent of esports players reported experiencing “severe harassment” in the form of things like physical threats and stalking. 

Healthy Player ONE provides a secure method for capturing player conduct and proactively managing access time to help academic esports programs address bullying and provide a model for creating a healthy dose of competition while keeping the experience positive for everyone involved. 

The initiative will also address the physical harm that can come from esports, including eye fatigue, neck/back pain, and wrist/hand injuries — all of which are common among esports athletes according to the journal BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine

“Having been involved in scholastic esports for several years on the computer hardware side, I was proud to lead an effort to help make esports a safer and more inclusive learning environment,” Levine said. “Healthy Player ONE is the first of its kind – addressing both harassment and injury prevention with software,” Levine continued. “I’m fortunate to have aligned myself with a team of passionate technologists who see the opportunity to make scholastic esports an effective teaching tool – to enlighten their careers but especially their character.” 

Healthy Player ONE has already formed partnerships with the North America Scholastic Esports Foundation (NASEF) at the K-12 level and National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors (NAECAD) at the collegiate level. 

To learn more about how your school or your cyber program can partner with Healthy Player ONE, visit

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