Virtual Style, A Success!

Historically June marks the beginning of summer, and most of us typically think about “camp” aligning with tents, mountains or lakes, long treks, “mossies,” and more. Many kids think of it as a time to hone their computer skills and new ways they can help their CyberPatriot teams “make it to nationals” during next spring. This year, the Cyber Camps were conducted via a virtual platform. Not to worry, organizers ensured hands-on experiences, inspiring keynotes, and much more, helping make the experience valuable.

Sharing their experience, hear from some of the recent attendees at Coaches’/Instructors’, Advanced, and Beginners’ Camps who participated from California, Ohio, Virginia, Canada, and other places! No longer were geographical boundaries a challenge. Going virtual opened the doors for expansion! A very special thanks to Moreno Valley College, Moreno Valley School District, CyberPatriot, and the synED team! 

By offering three camps for targeted audiences, Coaches/Instructors’, Advanced, and Beginners’ Camps, everyone participating felt a degree of comfort meeting or exceeding their personal objectives and expectations. 

The primary goal for all of the camps — ensure “student” success! 

The Coaches’ & Instructors’ Camp focus was to share information, comradery, and the basic understanding that, “no,” you do not have to be technical to be a coach! However, coaches do need to have a network that involves the business community, educators, and parents! Conducted via the synED Learning Platform, coaches attending the cyber camp shared what they were doing via discussion groups and materials that they will have access to for the next year. While the attendees did not have to pay to attend, it is a very special thanks to the sponsors that provided the funds at approximately $530 per attendee for the week-long training. And, the results… from our attendees directly, here are a few quotes to ponder: 

The Advanced Cyber Camp focused on students in Middle and High School, with previous experience in competitions. This week-long hands-on camp participants began by understanding the CyperPatriot Code of Conduct, How to Prevent Cyberbullying, and What is Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Once students had these concepts under their belt, they took a deep dive into a better understanding of the Windows Graphical Utilities, Command-Line, and Sysinternal Suite. This served as a springboard for a deep dive into Linux, both Cali-Linux and Ubuntu. Yes, these are real system names. What did we hear from the 6th – 12th-plus students? Overwhelmingly, they asked for longer sessions and more time—a testament to the instructors. 

beginners camp

The Beginners Camp was one of the most exciting to see and experience the wonderment they brought to the group. Many times there is a misconception that “beginners” are considered in the primary grades. This is not true. Some students do not become interested in cyber until they realize the potential career pathways available across almost all disciplines, including medicine, construction, manufacturing, military, teaching, and many more careers. There is not one business sector that is free from a cyber element in today’s world. Yes, even agriculture is dependent upon cyber in many ways. When students come to this realization, they become excited and engaged. This crowd really enjoyed Coding Olympics – Python! With 156 students in the class, what a remarkable feat! Way to go instructors! A round of applause for the students! 

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to all students who took time to learn and grow in their cyber understanding and knowledge. A very special thanks to the instructors, support staff, speakers, and everyone in attendance. It truly will take all of us across the nation to engage and actively participate in helping keep our country safer. We are all in this together! 

To listen to our keynote speakers click here. 

To learn more about how synED’s Cyber-Guild can help with your virtual camp, contact [email protected] We are happy to work with you and your team to build a camp specific to your needs, or you can just turn the reigns to Cyber-Guild and make it happen!
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