STS Education Offers Hardware Solutions for Cybersecurity Instructors


Cybersecurity educators find themselves in an interesting predicament —districts have pushed tablets for ease of student use and maintenance, but those devices are not conducive to cyber courses, competitions, and other activities.  

That’s why STS Education works with schools to provide affordable hardware solutions. The company is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and specializes in reconditioning computers for education that meet a school’s needs at a significant savings over buying something new.  

Elliott Levine, the company’s chief academic officer, has spent his entire career in education. He’s a former K-12 district administrator and distinguished technologist at HP, so he understands both the needs districts have and the constraints they face. 

“K-12 is the only vertical we work with. This is what we know, believe in, and support,” Levine said. “I empathize with educators and know the challenges they experience firsthand.” 

STS Education saw a rush for devices in March as schools quickly moved to remote learning. The supply chains for new computers and devices have not recovered, which makes refurbished equipment an even more attractive option.  

The company is also working with schools on rental programs and other options to address their unique needs right now. 

“There are creative ways to address all of this,” Levine said. “We’re here to help schools find the best solution for them.“ 

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