Thousand Oaks, CA – 24 April 2019 – In a move to continue its leadership role in helping to redefine global educational platforms, synED, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is pleased to announce the expansion of its Board of Directors, the addition of an advisory committee and a new director of its California Cyberhub initiative.

“Including leaders in their fields that have unique experiences and passion is crucial to help drive our efforts to fulfill synED’s charter to change the way our global citizens are educated and trained. We are pleased to announce the following representatives that will broaden our organizational expertise, and expand our influence. In turn, their market presence and stature will serve as a solid base for us to move swiftly and to gain participation in all facets of our organization,” said Executive Director/Chairman of the Board, Scott Young. The following industry leaders are joining the synED Board of Directors:

United States Air Force, Major General (Ret.) Sheila Zuelke – “As a nation, we must start cyber security education early and sustain learning and vigilance throughout our lives…our nation needs every citizen to be a cyber defender to protect our way of life.” Zuelke retired from the United States Air Force Reserve in June 2017 after 34 years of distinguished service, including as a Major General and Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, 24th Air Force, Air Forces Cyber. During her Air Force career, she also served as the senior reserve advisor to the Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency.  More about Major General Zuelke.

Mr. Gary Wang most recently served as the Army Deputy Chief Information Officer/G-6. Wang moved from his position as Director of Intelligence Systems and Architectures, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, where he has had executive oversight for numerous intelligence programs across the armed services and defense agencies since 2012.

In Army circles, he is best known as the change agent who will help the Army accelerate to the modern, secure and globally-available network needed now and for the future. More about Mr. Wang.

In addition to the Board expansion, Ms. Liz Fraumann will assume the role of Director of the California Cyberhub, a key synED initiative. Under her direction, the organization anticipates deeper community level engagement and growth in all programs associated with California Cyberhub. “We are thrilled to have Liz join the organization. Her rich experience of running the Securing Our eCity Foundation for over eight years and her international experience will lead Cyberhub to new heights,” said Scott Young.

To help guide our efforts, by having a touchstone across government, business, education and society in general, we have established an Advisory Committee that will work directly with the Board of Directors. We are pleased to announce the following individuals as the first two representatives to join this committee. Ms. Laura Lee, Executive VP at Circadence and Mr. Rick McElroy, Head of Security Strategy for Carbon Black.

The current synED Board of Directors and officers include: Ms. Florence Nissim, Secretary; David Daggett, Treasurer; and Scott Young, Executive Director/Chairman of the Board.


SynED is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting educational excellence by promoting synergies between traditional, non-traditional and experiential learning to realize the best possible outcomes for students, faculty, business and society.

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ABOUT California Cyberhub Initiative

California Cyberhub is a synED initiative focused on engaging communities to advance cyber security awareness and life-long learning. The goals are to provide highly interactive opportunities with a focus on collaboration, communication, creativity, persistence and adaptability for all while fostering cyber career opportunities. Engage with California Cyberhub to advance cyber security awareness and life-long learning: