Community Support Drives California Mayors Cyber Cup Success

Any team of students can benefit from a little support and recognition — whether it’s football players on the field, runners rounding the home stretch of the track, or cyber competitors working on protecting an organization from a cyber attack.

The California Mayors Cyber Cup, coordinated by California Cyberhub and hosted at various regional venues, allows students from 12 regions throughout California to complete simultaneously on behalf of their home city for regional perpetual trophies that will be displayed in the winning team’s city hall for the coming year. In the process, they are learning skills that are essential to obtaining high-paying careers and filling the growing need for a future ethical cybersecurity workforce.

The student cyber athletes receive tremendous amounts of support from their coaches, mentors, teachers, and community members who create a positive, celebratory atmosphere at each event to recognize the hard work that goes into training to become future cyber heroes.

Kevin Spease, President and CEO cybersecurity consulting company ISSE Services, attended the CMCC last year to cheer on the team from Toby Johnson Middle School in Elk Grove. He said the right combination of competition and support creates both short-term success and long-term change.

“The California Mayors Cyber Cup is a fantastic event, and it’s great to be able to connect students with other areas or other schools in California,” Spease said. “We become our best selves when we learn how to complete, and this event allows students to display their talents and have fun while learning.”

The CMCC also allows businesses to demonstrate how cyber education can lead to jobs that are both in-demand and intellectually engaging. Claire Jefferson-Gilpa, IT account education manager at ConvergeOne, also attended last year’s event and is looking forward to seeing it grow even more this year.

“Cyber education is an essential building block to create the pipeline of talent needed to drive industry, innovate to solve solutions and protect our communities,” Jefferson-Gilpa said. “ConvergeOne is proud to invest in the youth within our community.”

The California Mayors Cyber Cup will be held February 23 in 12 regions across California. For more information, visit

About California Cyberhub

The California Cyberhub is an initiative hosted at SynED, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on bringing innovation to education and workforce development. The California Cyberhub initiative is made possible by a collaborative effort of volunteers and funding from California public education, government and business. Supporters include the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office, Community College Regional Consortiums, the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, the California Department of Education and countless volunteers and champions across the state.

For more information about the California Cyberhub, visit

About ISSE Services

ISSE Services enhances the security and resilience of its customers enterprises by defending, mitigating and securing their systems, networks and infrastructure against cyberattacks. The company is committed to providing dependable and reliable cybersecurity services. For more information, visit

For more information about ISSE Services, visit

About ConvergeOne

Founded in 1993, ConvergeOne is a leading global IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions for large and medium enterprises with decades of experience assisting customers to transform their digital infrastructure and realize a return on investment. Over 11,000 enterprise and mid-market customers trust ConvergeOne with collaboration, enterprise networking, data center, cloud and cybersecurity solutions to achieve business outcomes. For more information, visit,

For more information about ConvergeOne, visit

California Cyberhub Collaboration Model
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