San Diego Students Receive National Center for Women in Technology Awards

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The following CyberAegis students received NCWIT awards:

  • Arushi Dogra:  California: San Diego Affiliate Winner
  • Emily Park:  California: San Diego Affiliate Winner
  • Hannah Zheng:  National Certificate of Distinction
  • Lily Hu:  National Certificate of Distinction
  • Lucy Gao:  National Certificate of Distinction
  • Madeline Tran:  California: San Diego Affiliate Winner
  • Shruti Verma:  California: San Diego Affiliate Honorable Mention

The award includes recognition at a regional event, scholarship and internship opportunities, and membership in the NCWIT community.

The sense of community was the part of the award that appealed most to Arushi Dogra. She is taking what she learns from professionals in the field and applying it to her own work mentoring younger students.

“In the search to find others like me and making new friends, I really appreciate being a part of the NCWIT community, which is filled with young girls that are interested in the same things as me,” Dogra said. “Winning this award has also given me the opportunity to spread my passion to younger girls as a Program Leader that teaches coding through AppInventor.”

Hu and Arushi are not sure if they will pursue careers in cybersecurity, but they realize that the skills they are learning through cyber competitions will apply no matter where their career paths take them.

“I feel a sense of pride being on the path to helping companies, programs, or even the nation in the increasingly technological future,” Hu said. “Being a female only adds to that pride.”

They also know that being advocates for cybersecurity and STEM will help increase participation from young women whose perspectives can help solve what are some of the greatest challenges of our time.

“Young women need to be exposed and encouraged to enter these areas so that the next generation consistently has increased female representation in STEM,” Dogra said. “This increased diversity in the field would aid in bringing different perspectives to a problem and coming up with multiple solutions. This encouragement would also help many women find their true passions in technology and give them the confidence to enter the field earlier in life.”

Applications for the 2019 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award are due November 5. For more information on the award its application process, visit the NCWIT website. For more information about CyberAegis, visit


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