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“Our CA-Cyberhub team wishes the best of success to all the teams representing California at CyberPatriot Nationals,” Woods said. “We are truly proud of the exemplary level of dedication and commitment given by all the teams competing this year, Wood said.

Five of the teams are part of the CyberAegis group coached by Paul Johnson, who said his program has grown tremendously in just a few years.

As soon as the national competition ended last year, Johnson and his students began to think about ways to improve for this year.

“I’m very fortunate to have such a sharp, determined group of high achievers,” Johnson said. “Every year all of the thousands of teams get better, and there are some teams who have been competing for many years. We keep improving our training and trying to stay on the leading edge of where vulnerabilities will be hidden next.”

Johnson said he’s hoping one of his five teams will take home a first-place finish this year, which would be a first for his program.

“There are a lot of highly talented teams coming to the National Finals, and I’m sure they’re going to work extremely hard to win,” he said. While we’ve come very close in the past, for the first time, we’ll be having an all-girls team there and I’m really hoping they can get a top-three finish.”

CyberPatrtiot X Nationals Finals will be held April 16-18 at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore.

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